Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

I always wonder why fancy hotel rooms have a backlit 10x or even 20x magnifying lens hanging from the bathroom wall. I tell my patients: if you have one of these in your home, throw it away.

Commonly, people who own these devices (young women especially) cannot help but pick, tweeze, and poke at real or perceived blemishes on their face when their reflection is viewed at great magnification. The result is chronic inflammation, non-healing skin, and, ultimately, permanent scars.

These mirrors do much more harm than good. When was the last time someone came up to you, put their nose a few inches away from your face, and looked at you with a magnifying glass? Never, of course. Humans interact at a healthy social distance.

TIP: Standing at your bathroom sink is as close as you should get to a mirror at home; leave the magnifying lenses to your professional aesthetician or dermatologist.