Less (Makeup) Is More

The goal of cosmetic dermatology is to restore skin to a natural, more youthful appearance. In fact, one of the principles of the profession is that once an unusual or unnatural look is created – often in the over-pursuit of bothersome wrinkles

identified by the patient – you’ve done more harm than good. The human eye and brain are extraordinarily adept at picking up on abnormal and asymmetric facial features in others. As an example, think of the last person you saw with huge duck lips or gigantic cheekbones from filler injection. The injector had good intentions, but that patient spent a lot of money to look awful.

In my practice, I love it when ladies comment after laser facial resurfacing that they’re wearing much less makeup and feel wonderful. However, it’s equally frustrating when I’ve seen them have outstanding results yet they return for their follow-up visit wearing gobs of thick, expensive foundation. It’s an addiction. No better than the lady with duck lips, all that makeup isn’t fooling anyone.

TIP: ÜBreak the makeup addiction. Anything more than a light application is unnatural appearing and almost always worse than wearing no makeup at all. If you suffer from sun spots, fine lines, and tired skin, dermatologists and other cosmetic providers have exciting technologies that can significantly enhance your natural beauty and significantly improve whatever you’re trying to cover.