Hope In A Jar?

On what four letters does the 75 billion-dollar cosmeceutical industry bet its fortunes? H-O-P-E.
This gigantic market is not regulated by the FDA: meaningful clinical trials and actual science are a rarity. Cosmeceutical manufacturers are free to make outlandish claims about their unproven products – preying on consumers hoping for a quick fix to improve their appearance. When instant results are not seen, the next hot new anti-aging product is substituted . . . and on it goes, at great expense.

The truth is, there are only a handful of topical formulations that are absorbed into your skin with actual hard science to prove their efficacy. And there are no quick fixes for most cosmetic problems. However, your board-certified dermatologist should be able to create a skincare plan for you that may include meaningful topical products supplemented by proven complimentary procedures like peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments.

TIP: Stop throwing your money into the fountain of youth. While over-the-counter creams can plan a meaningful role in your daily regimen, be weary of unrealistic rejuvenation claims made by beauty stores, big-box retailers, and infomercials. Talk to your dermatologist and start your skincare moving in the right direction.