Dr. Day showcasing the LightSheer Duet laser hair removal system on the Dr. Oz show and explaining why is laser hair removal safe.


You don’t have to go to your happy place every time you remove unwanted hair – see how you can remove unwanted hair in a fast, effective and comfortable manner.

Help for patients with life-altering scars

Kim Phuc knows how scars and the traumatic experiences that cause them can haunt a person for a lifetime. But thanks to a dermatologist’s commitment to treat her scars, Phuc is not only recovering from her infamous wounds but also is helping others like her.

Many know Phuc from an iconic photograph, showing her and her brothers and cousins fleeing from a Napalm bombing in Trang Bang, June 1972. More than 40 years later, Phuc, the crying, naked child in the middle of the black and white image, still lives with scars that cover 65 percent of her body.

“For many years, my heart was full of hatred, and I wanted to give up. Now, I view my picture from that day as a gift, as it provides me with a larger purpose,” Phuc says. “Through my experiences, I have grown to view my journey as a true gift. I have the opportunity to spread my personal story with others to help inspire and assist other children who have been touched by war.”

Phuc started The Kim Foundation International for child war victims, and she was honorary speaker in March this year at the launch of the Restoring Heroes Foundation, a charity focused on providing America’s wounded warriors with access to world-class medical care for physical and emotional trauma. Lumenis helps support the Restoring Heroes Foundation with research and technology, according to Lumenis’s CEO Tzipi Ozer-Armon. And dermatologists, including Jill Waibel, M.D., of Miami, Fla., are providing what is often free care.

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For many, the promise of a permanently stubble-free bikini line simply isn’t worth the wrath of a laser that stings like a box jellyfish. That’s why the Rita Hazan hair salon introduced the Light Sheer Duet (from $150 for each of the recommended six to eight treatments). The laser’s vacuum-assisted technology reduces pain (the hand-piece feels like a suction against the skin, rather than a cauter) while increasing efficiency (it takes only one to five minutes, depending on the body part).

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Dr. Shweta Virmani

The LightSheer DESIRE is an effective and fast device which has delivered tremendous results with my patients. With the HS handpiece, I can treat large body areas in a short span of time. My patients are very happy with the comfortable and painless treatment. It’s an easy to go device and is perfect for both large & small body areas. I’m so happy to choose LightSheer DESIRE as my perfect aesthetic solution partner….Thank You LightSheer DESIRE!!

Omar A. Ibrahimi

The LightSheer INFINITY sets the bar for laser hair removal. With two wavelengths and six possible treatment methods to choose from, I have the freedom to tailor treatments to best meet the needs of each patient. I see excellent results every day and the treatments are comfortable. Best of all, I can treat all skin types all year long.