Solana Beach, CA

I had my Resurfx performed in combination with an IPL, which I reviewed separately. My Resurfx was done immediately after my IPL, and took approximately 15 minutes, tops. I had already been given numbing cream prior to the IPL, so my face was still numb. Just as with the IPL, I had virtually no discomfort. I could feel it, but it truly did not hurt. After this was completed, an Rx cream was applied to help with redness, and then sunscreen was applied. One of the staff members actually also applied some make up for me, and then I went off to work. My skin was a bit warm, as expected, but only for a few hours. No one seemed aware that I had anything done, and I did not have any “down time”. I had some minor swelling the next day, but nothing that anyone else noticed. I wore my usual makeup on day 2. As expected, my skin felt a little rough for a few days, but it that appears to be going away. My skin looks great, and many of my fine lines, especially in the crow’s feet section, appear to be gone or greatly diminished. I am thrilled with the results and plan on having this treatment again when my budget permits. I am also looking into Ultherapy for my neck and eyelids.

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