Glendale, CA

Laser with LightSheer Diode Laser – Glendale, CA I finally decided to get laser hair removal done after months of reading other reviews on this site. There were 3 main factors that impacted my decision: (1) type of laser machine, (2) the pain/effectiveness level, (3) the facility. After researching, I found that the diode type laser is safer, more effective, and yields better results in the long run. I visit their website several times and read all about their lasers. IN particular, the LightSheer Duet is the best in the industry. Next, the pain. I have a very low threshold for pain. I can’t stand it, don’t want it, try to avoid painful treatments at all costs. But I read that LightSheer is virtually pain-free. Now the facility. If I’m going to trust someone with my bikini area, I wanted to make sure I’m not going to some quack! I actually checked online and found a place that was near my work in Glendale. Plus, it was near my favorite shopping area (acrosse from the Cost Plus Worldmarket, and the Habit Burger, yum-o). This place was amazing. A real find for a laser place in Glendale. The floors were so pretty and clean. The coffee was a nice complement, and the staff was so nice and professional. They are busy – so make sure you make an appointment. I walked-in and was at least able to get the price list and an appointment. After three sessions (which was spaced out between 4 weeks intervals) I did notice a huge difference. After all the fuse and research I made over the laser hair removal treatment, I totally forgot I even had hair there! It seemed really natural for hair not be “down-there” – I really didn’t even notice that my hair thinned and eventually fell-out. The once that did grow back were super fine – I just shaved it off and they really haven’t grown back yet. I really would recommend any woman to get laser hair removal on her bikini – ladies, there’s no need to be hairy down there! If you do it, just make sure you choose a good facility – I think it makes a huge difference to feel calm and comfortable. Well worth it – I’d do it again.

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